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October 2019 - 8th Annual Photography Show

November 2019 - Kelsey Carodoni - Acrylics

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January 2020 - James/Irene Berger - Photography

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September 2019 - Caroline Henry - Acrylics, Watercolor, Scratch board

Website | email: cdhenry209@comcast.net

Free Reception: September 6 | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Caroline Henry has been painting and drawing intensively over the past twenty years both while working at an English teaching career and currently. Her formal education was in literature, but workshops, art books and magazines, looking at lots of art, and experimenting with ideas and materials have helped her find her artist’s voice.

Her current show, Welcome to My Garden, was inspired by another of her great loves, the garden outside her studio door. The garden was created with her late husband, Tom Henry. He was inspired in its design by their visits to many botanical gardens around the country. Each painting in the show has its own story or connection to the garden.

Caroline began as a watercolorist and enjoys using many media. Her scratchboard works and her ink and watercolor paintings have been well received in recent years. She has won a number of awards in juried shows in California and sells art through the Lodi Community Art Center, Goodwin Gallery, occasional special events, and via the internet, which has led to having her work in the hands of art lovers in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom as well as other parts of the United States.

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August 2019 - George Dillon - Acrylics | Website | Email: george.dillon1@comcast.net

Reception: August 2 | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Valley Springs Artist to be Featured at Lodi Community Art Center Through August 

George Dillon, who has been painting professionally for the past 20 years, strives to get each observer to have an emotional response of some type to his creations.  His style is most often surreal or modern and was influenced by Picasso Matisse, and Georges Braque as well as his first encounters with African art and travel.  His imagination and whimsy have all been inspiration to him.  Viewers’ sensibilities will be challenged by sometimes humorous and/or penetrating looks at culture and its surroundings.  Many of his titles will stir the observer to examine their own awareness of what they think is being conveyed.

Currently Gorge is a member of the Calaveras Arts Council, the Amador County Artists Association and the Lodi Council of Arts. His works have been on display in several venues in the Bay Area, Sacrament, as well as the California foothills and the Lodi Community Art Center.

Through the month of August, George’s current works will be featured at the Lodi Community Art Center located at 110 W. Pine Street, Lodi.

A free reception, open to the public, is being held on Friday, August 2nd from 6 pm -8:30 pm.   For further information call (209) 333-3885.

July 2019 - Annual Membership Show - Juried Show

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June 2019: Renée Rondon - Acrylic, Oils

Reception: June 7 | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Renée is a 4th generation (of 5) Californian. She moved to Calaveras County 12 years ago. Her pastimes include camping, hiking and gardening. Her passion is painting.

Most of her experience is in oils, but she also enjoys using acrylic, watercolor, and pastel. She is mostly self-taught, but has gained experience and knowledge from many respected instructors including Ed Garcia, VaLoyce Jensen, Gereon Rios, Gill Delinger, George Durkee, Diana Boyd, Judy Cain, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Jim Toenjes, and Heinie Hartwig.

Renée enjoys the challenge of developing her paintings into a story that will touch someone’s heart, or remind them of something special that is part of their life. Each painting is developed from a personal photo, sketch, travel, plein air painting, and even from her own backyard.

Her art has won several awards, and her paintings have been in various galleries and venues including the Aloft Gallery, Calaveras Arts Council in San Andreas, Ironstone Winery, Lodi Community Art Center, Mistlin Gallery, Delicato Winery and Umpqua Bank.

If you would like to contact Renée, please call 209.772.0287, or email her at paintinglady2012@gmail.com.

May 2019: Nina Boyd - Colored pencil and ink: fantasy with a touch of surrealism

Reception: May 3 | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Nina Boyd has been an artist since she was seven years old. Growing up, she had the privilege to be raised by parents who appreciated and encouraged the arts in their children. From a very young age, she participated in art classes, contests, and shows. Her love for art, and expressing fantastic worlds through it, grew.

As an adult, she enjoys creating art with a touch of surrealism more than ever. Her work is recognizable by its vivid colors, delicate line work, and tributes to fantasy. Colored pencil and pen and ink are still her favorite mediums, but she loves oil pastel too and will paint an occasional wooden box if, as with most things in her life, she has the right music on. When she’s not creating larger pieces, she enjoys making seasonal greeting cards and whimsical decorations that add a little magic to the world. Her work can be found at www.ninaboydart.com.

Nina Boyd earned her Bachelor’s of Art in California. She lives with her husband and three cats in Lodi, California.

Be sure to check out Nina’s website, Instagram, Zazzle & Imagekind pages to see more of her art!

April 2019: Susan Farley - Glass Artist

Reception: April 5 | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Susan Farley spent her first few years in Walnut Creek and then moved with her family to Sacramento, where she completed her B.A. and obtained her teaching credential.  She began her teaching career of 37 years in Manteca, residing in Stockton with her husband and two sons.

She is an avid environmental enthusiast, having donated countless hours of volunteer work in leadership and training for the Sierra Club. She loves the Sierra Nevada Mountains, having gained an appreciation and reverence of the outdoors from her early experiences with her family, and continues to ski, fish, camp, and hike.

In 2007 she took a glass bead making class and enjoyed the process. However – it would take her 6 attempts to make a symmetrical pair of beads for earrings! Shortly before retiring, she purchased a “well-loved” kiln, and began making fused glass jewelry. It was not too long before she made the leap into other glass forms, from functional pieces such as votives, bowls, and platters, to sculptural art pieces. She enjoys this glass art form and all that it allows: the textures, the colors, the shaping, blending, and melting – all allowing for limitless creative expressions.

“It’s like Christmas morning when I go out to my cooled kiln to open it and see how my glass came out!”

Susan also enjoys taking photographs, and is often finding ideas for her glass creations from her travels throughout the world, while hiking in the mountains, and in her own backyard. She admits she has not “found her voice”, as she is still in awe of what she can attempt to create from what she sees in the world.

Susan has taken a few classes to increase her glass knowledge and skills, and has a mentor friend who is a great resource for her. She has recently won awards at juried art shows. But as she says: “I have a long way to go – I’ve just begun my discovery of what is possible in the glass world.”



February 2019: Allison Gerrity - Acrylics, Mixed Media

 Reception: March 1st | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Join us Friday, March 1st for the First Friday Art Hop. Our featured artist is Allison Gerrity.

February 2019: Patti Wallace - Mixed Media

 Reception: February 1st | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Join us Friday, February 1st for the First Friday Art Hop. Our featured artist is Patti Wallace. Her show delivers a fantastic collection of color and eclectic vibes!


January 2019: Anne McCaughey - Photography

 Reception: January 4th | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

December 2018: 2018 Youth and Adult Small Works Show & Itty-Bitty Mini Show

 Reception: December 7th | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

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November 2018: Patti Kennedy - Just My Nature: Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Media

 Reception: November 2nd | 6 PM - 8:30 PM


It is just my nature to create and I am most inspired by nature. Drawing pictures or playing with clay was my first way to share stories.

Before taking a hiatus to raise my children I worked as a production artist on projects from machine parts to museum exhibits. When a near fatal collision forced me into eighteen months of recovery I returned to visual art with renewed passion.

One of my first local projects was assisting Temo Moreno in completing the mural in the Cesar Chavez library in Stockton California. Now I share the satisfaction of creativity as an Artist in Schools with San Joaquin County Office of Education, bringing art lessons into the classroom. My own work focuses on what I see in the world around me. Birds, old buildings or leaf stains on a sidewalk, there is always something beautiful to find.

Patti Kennedy

Member of the National League of American Pen Women and Lodi Community Art Center

Media: Painting / Printmaking / Photography/Whatever is at hand

Email: pz_kennedy@yahoo.com

October 2018: 7th Annual Photography Show

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September 2018: Shay Livensparger

Reception: September 7th | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Local Artist Shay Livensparger’s unique and colorful art is on display at the Gallery throughout the month of September.

Be sure to check out her Instagram gallery to see more of her work!

August 2018: Charlene Martin - Photography

 Reception: August 3rd | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Charlene Martin started studying fine art photography in 2010. She uses mainstream digital and alternative and historical processes for making photographs.  Her goal is to take a digital work back into an organic and one of a kind art piece.  Her main subjects are of the natural world.  Frequently exploring California themes of oak trees, desert and her backyard magnolia.

Camera-less processes as well as manipulating digitally created prints are some of the directions she explores.  In this show, Ms. Martin is exhibiting photo-encaustic works.  These are photographs mounted to cradle board and enhanced with encaustic, pastel and oil pigments.  Influenced by the artists around her, she has been using her photographs and other mediums to create more abstract works in mixed media and encaustic.  In this show are also scratchboard works she has done from her photographs.

Ms. Martin’s work can typically be found at the following locations:

  • Stockton Art League, Elsie Goodwin Gallery | 1902 Pacific Ave, Stockton

  • Lodi Community Art Center | 110 W. Pine St, Lodi

  • Viewpoint Photographic Art Center | 2015 J. Street, Suite 101, Sacramento

Ms. Martin is a member of the Stockton Art League, Lodi Community Art Center, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, Blue Line Arts,  and the Stockton Camera Club.

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July 2018: Membership Show

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June 2018: Dean Taylor - Photography

 Reception: June 1st | 6 PM - 8:30 PM


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May 2018: Allison Gerrity

 Reception: May 4th | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Allison Gerrity was inspired to try painting by a Sandra Bullock scene in the movie, Two If By Sea.  Allison purchased a ten dollar painting kit at a craft store, took it on a camping trip, and painted her first painting: a pond in plein air.  Allison has attended multiple classes and paints almost every day.  After several years of classes and practice, she painted the same pond in plein air. 

The improvement was remarkable. 

She paints with acrylics and watercolors.  She encourages others to try painting as a way to express themselves creatively, relieve stress, and remind themselves of how fun it is to create art; something almost everyone enjoyed doing as children, but then stopped doing it.

She says, “If you sing in the shower, you are a musician.  If you can fry a pork chop, you are a chef.  If you put paint on canvas, you are an artist.” 

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April 2018: Linda Poteet and Family

Reception: April 6th | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

I have been interested in photography ever since I was a child and got my hands on my mom's 1970s 110 Kodak camera.

At Lodi High School, I enjoyed taking photos and developing film for the school newspaper. Later I had jobs video taping and editing weddings, commercial footage, and worked as a camera operator for live TV.

Since becoming a mom 17 years ago, my favorite photography subjects have been my 6 children. Following local photographers on Instagram and being a member of the Lodi Community Art Center has inspired me to develop more techniques and try different subjects.

For the month of April, I as well as members of my family, will be the featured artist. I hope you enjoy our various mediums of artwork!

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March 2018: Marilyn Eger

 Reception: March 2nd  |  6 PM - 8:30 PM

Marilyn works in oils, pastels and watercolors. her subjects range from landscapes, still life, as well as animals and equipment you would find on a working ranch. She has her M.F.A. from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Please come and enjoy the show throughout the month of March!

February 2018: JC Strote

 Reception: February 2nd  |  6 PM - 8:30 PM

Please visit the Gallery during the month of February for one of a kind Valentine gifts and cards, and JC's beautiful fused glass (featured below).

JC Strote at her February Reception

December 2017: Jean Justeau Payne

 Reception: December 1st  |  6 PM - 8:30 PM

Baby 'Trane

What Makes Me Me

Oldest daughter of eight children, born into grinding poverty and raised in rural California foothills, my first memories are of the unpainted board and tarpaper shack of home. That distressing shade of weathered wood – gave birth to my lifelong need for color…any color other than the grey and white and dirty browns of winter. School was my refuge. There were the paints and brushes and tin pots of color in the well of a folding easel. I loved the act of painting, the feel of the brush putting paint on paper, the colors, and kinetics of it. I was 6 years old.

My first commission was at age 16…the neighbor’s dead cat; okay, not as “Dead Cat” rather as a memory of “Tommy”; it wasn’t great, but I still got paid the $10.00. At 18 I joined the US Air Force and was blessed to be assigned as an Apprentice Illustrator and to wear that fine blue uniform. I made great use of the GI Bill (before they ripped they heart out of it) to complete a B.A. in Art at CSUS and a M.A. in Psychology (I had aspirations to be an Art Therapist). I found bill paying work not at all related to art.

Along the way I painted portraits (Dogs, cats, adults and kids and the occasional blue mule). Entry fees and a basic lack of confidence precluded the possibility of entering juried shows so I muddled about with commissioned work. I did a stint at Matrix, a Gallery of Women Artist and learned a bit about the processes involved in putting together a show. Eventually I retired from my “day job” to the Central Valley of California.

I do not title myself “Artist”- I am a painter.

My paintings are about the limits and freedom of my medium. My politics are that of color and composition. As a painter I am not an activist armed with a red or blue palette. I have no desire for a “higher” motive to paint. I delight in the opportunity to express myself in casual studies and essential truths. My paintings are meant to convey a moment in time, memory of observed and experienced events, nothing esoteric just the banal everyday stuff of existence. If I am lucky I catch that nanosecond of joy/agony.

As an Air Force Illustrator I painted as ordered and as a portraitist I painted as requested, now I do the work that I do simply because I enjoy it. At my age I have no long-term goals or aspirations. I do however have gratitude for time spent with these great teachers, some of whom despaired of my ever “Getting it”; finally perhaps I have. In order of appearance:

Larry Weldon, convinced me to believe in myself and apply for the scholarship; Chief Master Sergeant Walter Fortuna, elements of design and commercial techniques (to this day I have no love for a ruling pen and India ink); Jim Lewis, color theory and the elegance of line; Bill Williams, stones and the gift of whimsy; Larry Walker, the nude, form and attitude; Oliver Jackson, “it’s about the work”; Steve Kaltenbach, the importance of planning and detail; Esteban Villa, to value a different point of view; Jose Montoya, the single image statement. To these I owe credit for anything I get right, the rest is on me.

My grade school love of the act of painting has not withered; ultimately my paintings are rapt with paint, and they are about the act of painting.

I still find joy in the way painting feels, the resistance of a brush as it glides across the canvas, the movement of my arm, and the ache in my lower back from standing too long at an easel.

The act of painting sustains me and ultimately only that act will satisfy me; painting, my delicious torment. 

Jean Justeau, Painter

November 2017: Ron and Sandy Ridley

 Reception: November 3rd  |  6 PM - 8:30 PM

“We like to put movement and feeling in our paintings. You could call it Dancing in Watercolor.”

Both Ron and Sandy teach watercolor painting classes. Sandy Ridley teaches on the first and second Wednesday of each month at the Elk Grove Fine Art Center. Ron teaches at the Elk Grove High School at night to Adults in the Art Department through Always Learning (see class details below!)

They both takes lots of long trips to Plein Air paint around the world. They have been to Mexico, Hawaii, South Pacific, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, and also taken the 15 day Grand European Viking River cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest traveling through five different countries.

At the reception on November 3, you will see some of their paintings that they taught in their classes and some of the paintings they did on their trips around the world.

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