Lodi Community Art Center Art to Business Program

Let us help decorate your office, waiting room, exam rooms and outer offices with a changing art gallery! For a small annual tax deductible donation of $250 or $400, we will bring 4-6 pieces of art to hang in your business. New pieces every 3 months. It’s a win-win for your business and the Lodi Art community!

Interested in our Art to Business Program? We encourage you to review the Program Details below, and contact us.

Check out our ad in the Summer 2019 Chamber of Commerce Magazine, The Advocate!

Program Partnership Details

For Businesses

  • $250 per year (tax deductible donation) for up to 6 pieces of art to hang in your business

  • $400 per year (tax deductible donation) for up to 10 pieces of art to hang in your business

  • Business information will be listed on Lodi Art Center Website and at the Gallery

  • Art will be rotated quarterly

  • Art will be labeled with title, artist, medium and Price

  • All Art sales will be handled through the Lodi Art Center

  • Sold art will be replaced by the Lodi Art Center

  • Artist will sign release of liability

For Artists

  • Artist supplies artwork to display in local businesses

  • Locations will be determined by Lodi Art Center

  • Art Sales are handled by Lodi Art Center with Gallery % of total sales price (currently 25% to gallery 75% to artist)

  • Artist agrees to hang work for 3 months

  • Art will be rotated every 3 months, can be placed in another or extended in same location if the artist agrees

  • Artist pays $10 per piece to hang art work for the 3 months

  • Hanging Fees

    • Will be waived if the artist also displays artwork in the gallery and sits the Gallery

    • Will be reduced to $5 per piece if the artist agrees to volunteer at the Gallery 3 times during the 3 month period their art is hung in businesses

  • Artist signs release of liability for art work hung in businesses

  • Artist is encouraged to advertise and list the selected business as public display on their resume