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Allison Gerrity | Acrylics, Mixed Media


Caroline Henry | Painting and Drawing Media, Watercolor, Ink, Acrylics, Oils, Pencil, Pastels, Mixed Media, Scratchboard, Silk, Silk Paints & Papers



Since retirement 10 years ago from teaching, Caroline has focused on her artistic expressions including giving art lessons.

She has won several area awards for her art and is currently the featured artist at the Lodi Art Center.

Caroline is available for special commissions. Caroline's art is for sale at the Lodi Art Center gallery, Creative Consignment, Etsy, and Fine Art America

“I love to explore but certain themes do reappear in my art: gardens, coffee houses, city streets, trees and forest, animals, people doing ordinary things, pears.   I`m very open to doing commissioned work.”


Cristi Canepa | Photography


Cristi Canepa is a photographer living in the beautiful foothills of Northern California.

“I get my photography passion from my mother, who always had a camera in her hand.”

Cristi’s love of the outdoors shows in her work. She finds her peace of mind exploring the high country mountains, lakes and flowers, and the moody central coast of California, with its rocky shores and fog covered landscape.

After much encouragement from family and friends, Cristi started her own photography business in 2014.  Since then, her work has hung in numerous galleries and been juried into various Northern California art shows:

  •  California State Fair Fine Art Exhibit, 2016, 2017 & 2018

    • *Award of Merit received in 2016 & 2017 for photographs of Calaveras Big Trees State Park

  • In Focus, Tuolumne County Arts Alliance, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019

  • Vision Photography Show, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 2016 & 2017

  • Central Arts Showcase, Modesto/Turlock, 2015

  • River Reflections Art Show, Amador/Calaveras Arts Council, 2015

 Cristi also teaches beginning photography classes “Understanding Exposure” and guides location photo groups.

To purchase prints, please visit her website | Follow Cristi on Flickr


Darrell O'Sullivan | Photography




Elsa J. Bates | Watercolor



Painting with watercolor for the last 9 years, but always interested in wood work, acrylic decorative painting, and needlefelting.


Emily Hastings | Acrylics, Photography & Ceramics



Emily Hastings is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and has studied painting, ceramics and photography.

She’s been a professional artist for over seven years and is currently a painting instructor for Amazing Art Parties. Emily's current body of work consists of mixed media masks and the digitally enhanced photos she takes of them.

Each mask she makes is decorated with a variety of different materials: paper mache, multi-colored inks, acrylic paints, encaustics, wire mesh, etc. She also uses a mini blowtorch to reach an elevated level of mood and texture.

George Dillon | Oils, Acrylics, Mixed Media



George Dillon, who has been painting professionally for the past 20 years, strives to get each observer to have an emotional response of some type to his creations.  His style is most often surreal or modern and was influenced by Picasso Matisse, and Georges Braque as well as his first encounters with African art and travel.  His imagination and whimsy have all been inspiration to him.  Viewers’ sensibilities will be challenged by sometimes humorous and/or penetrating looks at culture and its surroundings.  Many of his titles will stir the observer to examine their own awareness of what they think is being conveyed.

Currently Gorge is a member of the Calaveras Arts Council, the Amador County Artists Association and the Lodi Council of Arts. His works have been on display in several venues in the Bay Area, Sacrament, as well as the California foothills and the Lodi Community Art Center.


Glenda Hansen | A variety of sorts



Ila Lewis | Jewelry, Paper, Greeting Cards & Textile




Jacie Rivas | Photography, Poetry, Digital Art, Greeting  Cards & Paper Crafts



“You can usually find my fiance and i traipsing around vineyards, hiking up mountains, rock scrambling in rivers and sipping wine downtown...and taking pictures all the time in an attempt to capture and share the beauty we witness everywhere we go.”

Janene Ford  | Mixed Media


Art out of the ordinary.

J C Strote | Fused Glass, Private Fused Glass classes by appointment



You can find JC’s work at the Stockton Art League Goodwin Gallery, Archival Gallery in Sacramento, Blue Line Art Gallery in Roseville and the Lodi Community Art Center

Linda Poteet | Photography, Drawing, Mixed Media, Acrylics & Watercolor



“I have been interested in photography ever since I was a child and got my hands on my mom's 1970s 110 Kodak camera.

At Lodi High School, I enjoyed taking photos and developing film for the school newspaper. Later I had jobs video taping and editing weddings, commercial footage, and worked as a camera operator for live TV.

Since becoming a mom 17 years ago, my favorite photography subjects have been my 6 children. Following local photographers on Instagram and being a member of the Lodi Community Art Center has inspired me to develop more techniques and try different subjects.”

Marilyn Eger | Plein Air Painter



“I am primarily a plein air painter. When this is not possible I work from my own photos as a point of departure. I am inspired by the area I live in and things around me, such as Acampo landscape, old tractors and cars, curious cattle, and the flowers from the garden. I am also drawn to reflected color in all kinds of items especially, bottles. I have a deep passion for vibrant color.”

My media of choice is oil, pastel and acrylics in that order. I feel like a sculptor when painting because I can chisel out the images as though they were stone.

Offett A.F.B., Nebraska was where I came into the world on January 2, 1953. Since I was a military brat and my mother was ill, I lived in the Masonic Children’s Home in St. Louis, Missouri for 4 years where is spent long hours doing botanical illustrations for my school reports. When my parents saw these illustrations, they encouraged me to become an artist by enrolling me in art courses and by creating a studio in the back of our antique shop where I would spend hours painting. Antique relics reoccur in my work in the form of old, rusty cars and tractors, as well as antique lanterns and jars.

Throughout my life I have continued to value a strong art education and will never stop learning.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1987 from California State University, Stanislaus in Art. Later in 1990, I received my teaching credentials from Chapman College enabling me to instruct future artists at Bear Creek High School, where I teach many levels of art. I have an M.F.A. from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA.

My husband, Jerry, designed and built an art studio, which had been a lifelong dream for me. A year and a half ago we sold our home with my studio and we are beginning new as I transition into retirement from teaching high school art. I believe art and the creative process is a force of consistency in my life.

My work allows me to endure life’s difficulties. I am a survivor, of not only cancer, but of life. I live in Clements, California with my husband Jerry and my 2 dogs, Sandy, & Chocolate.


Melanie Dane | Gizmos, Gadgets, Legos, Spray Paint, Found Objects, LEDs, STEAM, MakerEd



I love to work with things that light up, move, make noise, combine art and science. New to the Lodi Art center I look forward to introducing people to the Maker Movement of creative project based learning.


Nina Boyd | Colored pencil and ink: fantasy with a touch of surrealism

Nina Boyd has been an artist since she was seven years old. Thanks to parents who appreciated and encouraged the arts in their children, she participated in art classes, contests, and shows from a young age. Her love for art, and expressing fantastic worlds through it, grew.

As an adult, she enjoys creating art with a touch of surrealism. Colored pencil and pen and ink are her favorite mediums, but she will paint an occasional wooden box if, as with most things in her life, she has the right music on. When she’s not creating larger pieces, she enjoys making cards and decorations that add a little magic to the world. Her work can be found at

Nina Boyd earned her Bachelor’s of Art in California. She lives with her husband and three cats in Lodi, California.


Nora Lee Dale | Oils, Acrylics & Watercolor

“I enjoy working with oils doing seascapes,landscapes and still life. I enjoy the intense color and definition of acrylics enjoy especially using acrylics for abstracts, landscapes and large flowers on canvas.”


Patti Kennedy | Painting, Printmaking, Photography & Whatever is at hand



“Before taking a hiatus to raise my children I worked as a production artist on projects from machine parts to museum exhibits.

Now I share the satisfaction of creativity as an Artist in Schools with SJCOE, bringing art lessons into the classroom and working with For The Sake of Art, a program of free art classes in Stockton.”


Patti Wallace | Painting, Printmaking, Photography & Whatever is at hand


Patti is an award winning artist and long time member of the Lodi Community Art Center.

She works in Stockton as an art therapist for developmentally disabled adults.

No doubt you've seen her art around town.

She is responsible for several colorful traffic boxes in Lodi and co-painted the Lodi Lake mural inside the Lodi Visitor Center. She also teaches Adult and Children's art classes in the LCAC studio.

She's currently working on a traffic box in memory of Tom Kettleman The Turkey.

You can see her portrayal of the short-lived Lodi fowl icon on the corner of Lower Sacramento Road and Kettleman Lane. Her art is available for sale at the Lodi Art Center Gallery. She also is available for special commissions. 


Renée Rondon | Oils, Acrylics, Watercolor & Pastels



Renée is a 4th generation (of 5) Californian. She moved to Calaveras County 12 years ago. Her pastimes include camping, hiking and gardening. Her passion is painting.

Most of her experience is in oils, but she also enjoys using acrylic, watercolor, and pastel. She is mostly self-taught, but has gained experience and knowledge from many respected instructors including Ed Garcia, VaLoyce Jensen, Gereon Rios, Gill Delinger, George Durkee, Diana Boyd, Judy Cain, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Jim Toenjes, and Heinie Hartwig.

Renée enjoys the challenge of developing her paintings into a story that will touch someone’s heart, or remind them of something special that is part of their life. Each painting is developed from a personal photo, sketch, travel, plein air painting, and even from her own backyard.

Her art has won several awards, and her paintings have been in various galleries and venues including the Aloft Gallery, Calaveras Arts Council in San Andreas, Ironstone Winery, Lodi Community Art Center, Mistlin Gallery, Delicato Winery and Umpqua Bank.

Ritaa Hill | Photography


Professional Photographer for over 30 years. Retired Chief Photographer for the Madera Tribune and Stringer for the Associated Press out of the Fresno Branch. Featured artist at the Portland Barnes and Noble and award winner for her feature coverage for the Blues Musicians in the Portland Oregon.

Rita has been a featured artist in the Fresno, Madera, Vancouver Washington, Las Vegas and Portland Oregon. She has also judged passed county fair photo shows in the Fresno, Madera, Chowchilla and Sacramento area.

Rita also enjoys acrylic painting, wood work and making her own costumes and props for her photo projects.

Her portrait studio is located in Lodi and also teaches one on one photography classes.


Susan Farley | Glass artist, Photography

Susan is an avid environmental enthusiast, having donated countless hours of volunteer work in leadership and training for the Sierra Club. She loves the Sierra Nevada Mountains, having gained an appreciation and reverence of the outdoors from her early experiences with her family, and continues to ski, fish, camp, and hike.

In 2007 she took a glass bead making class and enjoyed the process. However – it would take her 6 attempts to make a symmetrical pair of beads for earrings! Shortly before retiring, she purchased a “well-loved” kiln, and began making fused glass jewelry. It was not too long before she made the leap into other glass forms, from functional pieces such as votives, bowls, and platters, to sculptural art pieces. She enjoys this glass art form and all that it allows: the textures, the colors, the shaping, blending, and melting – all allowing for limitless creative expressions.

“It’s like Christmas morning when I go out to my cooled kiln to open it and see how my glass came out!”

Susan also enjoys taking photographs, and is often finding ideas for her glass creations from her travels throughout the world, while hiking in the mountains, and in her own backyard. She admits she has not “found her voice”, as she is still in awe of what she can attempt to create from what she sees in the world.

Susan has taken a few classes to increase her glass knowledge and skills, and has a mentor friend who is a great resource for her. She has recently won awards at juried art shows. But as she says: “I have a long way to go – I’ve just begun my discovery of what is possible in the glass world.”


Susan Platt | Photography



Be prepared to be inspired, delighted and visually stimulated by images that speak to the heart and the mind. Susan Platt is a fine art photographer who captures the world as only she sees it. It may be the silhouette of a rock formation sinking into the sunset or the simplicity of dewdrops dancing in the wind. Her images stir up the unexpected emotions and thoughts in the viewer.

Susan began photographing at the age of 8 and has not put the camera down since. Her keen eye for details developed throughout her 25-year career as a portrait and wedding photographer. Her photographic journeys, also known as #Lightstalking adventures, have been the catalyst and inspiration behind each and every photo.

Take a journey through her lens and experience the world as only she sees it.

“When I make photographs, I embrace what I see around me. When I create photographs, I want the viewer of my work to embrace the sensuality of what I have created. My photographs are more than visual, they implore all the senses.” - SPlatt