7th Annual Photography Show & Sale

We are proud to announce the Art and Artists accepted in the 7th Annual Photography Show & Sale.

Juror: Jan Lightfoot | website

Over 100 Photographs on Display: October  3 - October 26, 2018

Show will be held at:

Lodi Community Art Center | map

110 W Pine Street | Lodi, CA 95240



Anna Barber Llama-Llama

Barbara Reynolds Taking Off!

Carol Clark Black Bear Cub #1

Carol Clark Grizzly Male Eating Dandelions

Caroline Niel Happiness Found In A Box

Caroline Niel Weathered

David Nasater Summer

Dean Taylor Peacock Feather Detail

Edward Lindquist Storm Over Nature Preserve

Irene Berger Resting

Irene Berger Vulture

Irene Berger White Mum

James Berger Stand Off

James Berger Wild Mustangs

James Hoagland Redwing 620, you are cleared for landing

Joanne McReynolds After the Rain

Joanne McReynolds Camouflage

Joanne McReynolds Pretty P

Joanne Sogsti Hawaiian Cannonball Flower

Joseph Premanandan THE KING OF THE BEASTS

Kylie Brown The Pop of Spring in a Field of Green

Linda Poteet Pail of Ducks

Lucille van Ommering Gussy and Samuel, Jesara Farms

Lynette McInnes Slow Down and Enjoy the Sunshine

Michele McCormick Guinea Pig Alert

Nicole Fishkind Autumn Gilds the Well

Patricia Kennedy Forest Fungi

Rita Hill A Little Towns Bounty

Stacy Pedri Blue

Stacy Pedri Dolly

Stacy Pedri Nap Time

Stacy Pedri Snow Run

Susan Farley African Pygmy-Falcon, Tanzania

Susan Farley Waterbuck, Tanzania

Wilson Hurst Columbine Flower


Amelie Lavenant-Wink At the end of the day...

Anna Barber Almond Orchard in Moonlight

Carol Clark Along the Icefields Parkway

Carol Clark Mount Unwin & Maligne Lake

Cory Brown Arizona Rizing

Cory Brown Setting Sky

Darrell O'Sullivan Half Dome in the Distance

David Nasater Against the Storm

David Nasater Foggy Morning on the River

Dean Taylor Guru's Wall Winter

Edward Lindquist Break in Storm at Nature Preserve

Edward Lindquist Mirrored Sky on Pond

Erick Castellon Light the Path

James Hoagland African Sunset

Lucille van Ommering Wildfire Sunset, Woodland

Lynette McInnes Glacial Beauty

Rita Hill Natures Country Road Arbor


Amelie Lavenant-Wink Tango swirl

Carol Clark Athabasca Falls & Mount Kerkeslin

Cory Brown Close of the Day

Cory Brown Freeze

Darrell O’Sullivan Desert Watering Hole

Darrell O’Sullivan Golden Hour Sunset

Edward Lindquist Surf

Elisa Ontiveros Falling for you

James Berger Water in All Its Forms

Joanne McReynolds Charleston

Joanne Sogsti Flowers in Ice

Judy Vivian "ELK COVE"

Michele McCormick Fog and Stones

Stephanie Haughton Movement Still

Susan Farley Jokusarlon Glacial Lagoon, Iceland

Susan Farley Myradalsjokull Glacier, Iceland


Amelie Lavenant-Wink Lobsterman bailout

Amelie Lavenant-Wink Red Light, Green Light

Amelie Lavenant-Wink Smoochin’

Bill Chiechi Selfie

Darrell O'Sullivan Marshal Beach, San Francisco

Dean Taylor Waikiki Body Boarder

James Berger Mother and Child

James Berger Stirring The Pot

Joanne McReynolds Cross my Sunshine

Joanne Sogsti Under The Capitola Pier

Judy Vivian "ENAMORED"

Kylie Brown Under the Rainbow Spectrum of Love

Linda Poteet At The Woods

Lucille van Ommering Mrs Thomas' Bequest to the City

Lucille van Ommering The Prisoners Last Request

Lynette McInnes Having a Blast

Michele McCormick A Long Walk

Tiffanie Heben Artist in Reflection

Tiffanie Heben Kiss for a Ballerina

Tiffanie Heben Last Night


Anna Barber Egyptian Egrets

Cory Brown Alone on Hwy 1

Dean Taylor Death Valley Textures

Edward Lindquist Fence & Shadows

Irene Berger Fall Leaves

Irene Berger Young Fern


Lucille van Ommering Invincible

Marie Carladous America Street

Patricia Kennedy Halibut Cove Eagle


Anna Barber Sunflowers & Zinnias

Dean Taylor Window Light and Lace

Jill Jordan Farm Hand

Joanne Sogsti Fall in a Lodi Vineyard

Linda Poteet Chrysler Collage

Mike Boyle Searching for the Lost Chord

Mike Boyle Waiting for the Paint to Dry